Company History

  • December, 6th, 2000:The Ukrainian Agrarian Leasing Company was established
  • 2001: Opening of the first representative office in the Chernigov region
  • 2003: The Company became the official dealer of factory MTZ in Ukraine, the beginning of delivery of technical equipment from CLAAS.
  • 2004: The beginning of cooperation with LEMKEN.
  • 2005: The cooperation Agreement with Prominvestbank in the direction of crediting of agricultural producers is signed and Granting of technique in leasing.The beginning of cooperation with firm FRANZ KLEINE.
  • 2006: The Company has entered in ten the largest suppliers of agricultural machinery in Ukraine
  • The company became an exclusive distributor of agricultural equipment of firm FRANZ KLEINE in Ukraine
  • 2007: The Company was included into the five of the largest suppliers of agricultural machinery in Ukraine (on results 2006).
  • The Company has taken the second place on realization of technical equipment of firm CLAAS in Ukraine (on results 2006).
  • For today An Agreements about cooperation between "OschadnyBank" and bank "ERSTE Bank " is being signed.
  • Negotiations with the Company Dejlojt have already begun with the purpose of carrying out of the international audit and the transition of the Company to the international standards.


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